Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness is our unique fitness and lifestyle training program for the over 50’s, ITS NEVER TO LATE TO GET FIT.

Be fantastic in your 50's Sensational in your 60's Super in your 70's

Whether your new to exercises or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle our specially designed fitness programs are for you.

The benefits of exercising in our older age has been well documented and include:

  • Increased mobility and balance
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Improved functional ability and day to day living
  • Strengthening of muscles and bones
  • Increased range of motion and co-ordination
  • Improves health and well being
  • Improved quality of life
  • Lessens isolation through social interaction
  • FUN!!!

Our Senior Fitness classes are specially designed to meet the needs of the over 50's. We understand your needs and know that staying fit and active is as important to you as people half your age. Our programs are suitable for all levels of fitness, whether you are new to fitness or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We use a range of exercise techniques suitable for everyone. All our programs have adaptations to meet your needs. if you need to exercise whilst sitting thats fine and just as effective.

Our programs help to improve and maintain your fitness, leading to a better quality of life in older age and enabling us to lead full and active lives. We use a combination of light cardio and aerobic workouts, strength and conditioning exercises with 1 kg weights (heavier weights on request) and a variety of exercises with resistance bands. All exercises will help in developing the strength, fitness and skills required in daily living environments and are fully functional, whether it be hovering the floor, making the bed, opening a jar, starting the lawn mower or getting in and out the car.

Exercise can help manage your weight, stay healthy and independent.

Our classes make fitness FUN and offer you the chance to meet people and exercise together. Enjoy getting and staying fit with likeminded people in a sociable environment.

Many of us are already FIT In our 50's (50 is the new 30!), so lets work together to improve and continue that fitness.

For those older than 50 (60+) we can offer exercise and classes suitable to your needs - it doesn’t cost the earth see our PRICE LIST for more details.

Contact us today to find out more and book a class.

Over 50's running and fitness

Sorry this session is currently not available. please visit the website to see what other sessions we have on offer and keep an eye out for forthcoming programs.

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