All 4:1 Fitness Testimonials

Liz Wilson testimonial:

"I started Personal training Sessions with Andy in my late forties, wanting to get fitter before I hit 50. I began by taking part in some 1:1 PT with Andy as well as Bootcamp and Running.

I had never really run before or done much regular long term exercise, so was a little apprehensive. I didn’t believe I could ever be fit enough or have the stamina to run let alone enter a race, but thanks to Andy's encouragement, patience, motivation and enthusiasm I entered my first 10K at 50 and ran my first half Marathon at 51.

I have since run a number of local 10k races which I really enjoy.

Andy makes training fun and enjoyable and he has helped me to gain confidence in myself and believe I can achieve anything.

I have recently joined my local triathlon club and Andy has given me the skills and confidence to start cycling.

Who knows what my next challenge will be? Possibly a Marathon!


All 4:1 Fitness Testimonials

Liz and Andy at the end of the Abersoch 10k 2015

Rachel Kaye testimonial:

"Andy helped me achieve my goals and more. At the start I just wanted to be fitter after the birth of my two children.

I decided to start running as it was so convenient but even a short run seemed impossible.

I sought Andy's advice. He worked with me at my pace and was always encouraging and motivational.

Even now when I run and feel like stopping I hear Andy's voice asking me calmly “Are you tired? Are you in pain? Do you need to stop?" The answer was always “No!” and this gentle motivation helped me carry on.

Not only did i achieve my goal I exceeded it by completing a marathon, something i thought I could ever do in a million years.

I realise now that anything is achievable if you train hard and with the help of a good trainer like Andy who understands your needs and capabilities.

I used to be the person who said "I'm not a runner, its not in my genes, I cant do that" but Andy showed me anything is possible and when I hear other people say the same thing I like to share my story.

Even though Andy has completed Marathons, Ultra Marathons, IronMan triathlons and much more, when he trains with you it's for you and your goals and you can see what pleasure it gives him to see you reach your goals whatever they may be.


All 4:1 Fitness Testimonials

Rachel and Andy at the end of Abingdon Marathon.

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